Swaggr.com is a leading media company that inspires and entertains the urban~connected generation. We document and shape the digital revolution specifically for our audience of urban professionals and entrrepreneurs.

To understand what swaggr is, we should begin with who you are. You are educated, your mental aptitude comes from an array of sources. Some of it via conventional and more traditional means; while other parts, by just living. We aim to reach both. Connect with you. How? By delivering content that you can grow from. Conversation starters that are always interesting, entertaining and cool. That is the swaggr way.

Swaggr reports on the importance of contributors, ideas, businesses, products and services of a boundless culture. Swaggr feels it is important to show how these contributors empower and inspire people around the world. Swaggr aims to inspire its readers and users to think beyond traditional boundaries, lead conversations, and create for the future. Swaggr is about growth and expanding our awareness and our conscious. Swaggr's goal is to be the essential source for information and ideas that make sense to the urban-connected generation. The SWAGGR conversation illuminates how urban individuals, businesses and ideas affect lives.

Our Mission

Swaggr's mission is to be the urban~Connected Generation's source for digital culture, news, ideas, inspiration and entertainment.

Connected Generation n.
1. People who integrate innovation into all parts of their lives and are immersed in digital culture. 2. People who are constantly connected, communicating, consuming, and sharing content across multiple devices and platforms. 3. People who are community-oriented.

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Voice of the urban~Connected Culture

We strive to be at the forefront of digital culture. We understand that our readers are interested in learning about relevant and current trends and technologies. Our readers, like us, are deeply interested in the news, resources and information that trully effect their lives. Our ultimate goal is to celebrate digital culture and how it binds and transforms us.

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