If you're ready to change careers or know someone that is eager to be the next Dr. Dre, Kanye West or Swizz Beatz, SoundBridge may just what you need.

The music industry is a notoriously tough one to crack. With scores of musicians vying for recording contracts at labels such as Sony Music, the environment is intensely competitive.

It covers everything from audio engineering, fundamentals of music theory, synthesis, everything you really need to know...it's pretty much a bag of secrets

While it may seem like anyone equipped with a smartphone, a voice and a social media presence can become a star, the production process remains a challenge for many, even for those with music training.

For beginners simply looking to learn the basics of music production, the learning curve is especially steep. SoundBridge, a startup comprised of a team of musicians, aims to change that.


Traditionally, the production process is multistep, with a variety of roles to fill - songwriters, engineers and producers. “There’s a multitude of specialized talent that goes into making a radio-quality hit. You go to Hollywood [and you see that] there’s a multitude of different hands involved in the production process,” said Wake Anderson, founder and CEO of SoundBridge. “Musicians plays a small part in the entire production to get it to the radio-quality level.”

Soundbridge’s product, Lumit, is a digital audio workstation that cuts down the learning curve to just 24 hours, simplifying the production process for musicians. With a simple interface, the tools a producer needs can be found on the main screen.

Soundbridge also features a blog that covers essential music production topics, with articles published on a weekly basis.

“It covers everything from the physics of audio to audio engineering, fundamentals of music theory, synthesis, everything you really need to know as an aspiring professional audio producer. Pretty much a bag of secrets from one of the best in the industry,” Anderson said.

In addition to the blog, Anderson said that a video curriculum called Lumit Academy covers the same music production topics and provides guidance on how to use the software.