There’s no system they(tech community) can’t make better...

Obama began his conversation with Editor-in-Chief of The Texas Tribune, Evan Smith, with "the reason I’m here really is to recruit all of you," Barack Obama said at SXSW Interactive, calling for the tech community to work on solutions for America’s biggest problems.

Creating greater online access to public services, tackling big problems and making government work more efficiently are the big goals for Obama’s digital legacy.

Government is risk-averse, big and slow; tech is sleek and fast to fail, Smith said. How do you get the two to work together? Obama let out a big sigh, getting laughs from the audience. He cited the initial failure of as the event that pushed him to create in 2014 the government organization known as U.S. Digital Services, which draws top talent from Silicon Valley for short tours of duty. "There’s no system they can’t make better," he said.

With 10 months left in his tenure, Obama is doubling down on his legacy as the first digital president. In the days ahead of SXSW, the White House announced its ConnectALL initiative to connect 20 million more Americans to broadband internet by 2020, and expanded the number of cities included in the TechHire initiative to 50. The White House also announced the dates for the 2016 National Week of Making (June 17-23), released a draft of its source code policy, launched a Digital Acquisitions Pilot and revealed a cross-sector initiative to make diapers more affordable for the neediest families.

Low-income families spend an average of $936 per child on diapers every year , the White House says, which accounts for as much as 14% of their income. On average, poorer families pay double what some higher-income families pay–likely because when you’ve got money, you can order diapers in bulk online, driving down the per-Pamper cost. Obama is putting down $10 million to find a better way to get affordable diapers to families who need them, working with nonprofits as well as eco-commerce startup and diaper makers.